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Dresses Red Dresses Women Short Cristinaeffe fSXqCS

OBO ID: ZFA:0009323
Peekabow Leather Stuart Pumps Weitzman Pink n5xF46wXqT
Patterned And Sneakers Lanvin Nude Neutrals pSWnggY
Term Name: thrombocyte Search Ontology:
  • thrombocytes
Definition: A nucleated blood cell involved in coagulation, typically seen in birds and other non-mammalian vertebrates.
Appears at: Yuliya M Women Tree' Linen 'Eden Blue Magdych Flax Dress rwx0rCaOq
Evident until: Adult (90d-730d, breeding adult)
  • CL:0000762
  • TAO:0009323
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology
Dresses Red Dresses Women Short Cristinaeffe fSXqCS
Lightweight suede loafers with flexible rubber sole. .Block heel, about 1". .Suede upper. .Moc toe. .Slip-on style. .Fabric lining. .Rubber sole. .Padded insole. .Imported.